A laptop is a portable PC. Its portability is primarily supported by the fact that it uses a battery. The battery stores power, so you can use it without plugging it into a power outlet. Therefore, a laptop battery is an essential component of your portable PC. Sadly, the batteries are prone to issues like reduced quality after a few years of application. However, you can always find a replacement battery, depending on your laptop brand and model. For instance, there are numerous Genuine HP Laptop Batteries for sale. The trick is to take your time and get an authentic product. Why should you spend your time looking for an original HP battery?

Reasons for getting an original HP battery

Below are some motivations for taking your time when searching for an HP laptop battery replacement to get an authentic or original product;

1. Better quality

An original or authentic product always offers better quality than refurbished or inauthentic ones. More often than not, the refurbished ones are usually made of low-quality materials to accommodate lower prices. They also lack the original design of genuine batteries, which influence their quality. While second-hand manufacturers may attempt to provide authentic products’ specifics, they often cannot pull it off 100%. This affects the overall product quality.

2. Longer life

An original HP battery will also last longer than the latter. This can be attributed significantly to its better quality. Naturally, the battery will last longer if made from original materials, which often feature a higher quality. This is why, more often than not, when you purchase an inauthentic HP battery, you end up needing a replacement sooner than the original.

3. Cost-saving

Purchasing an original HP battery also saves you money. For starters, you do not have to seek replacements after a short while. This saves you from spending twice the money on two replacement batteries within a short time. An inauthentic battery may also suffer from issues like swelling. When the battery swells, it may damage the components in the battery compartment or break the seal. This would force you to repair other elements of your laptop, causing you more money. Therefore, while the initial cost of an original battery may seem high. It is often cheaper in the long run.

4. More safety

Finally, an original battery is typically safer than the latter. For instance. the battery is usually made from safe materials. The batteries also do not run the risks of exploding or excessive swelling, which could cause significant safety issues. Additionally, the batteries do not heat up too fast, causing physical harm to your laptop and its user.

How to get an authentic battery

Below are some simple hacks for getting a genuine battery;

  • Use your HP laptop model as a starting guide
  • Shop from reliable stores
  • Test the battery before purchasing it
  • Research


It is essential to understand that laptop batteries are not designed to last a lifetime. They are bound to experience wear after extended use, improper charging habits, and rating. Therefore, you should not be disappointed when your battery starts misbehaving after a couple of years of use.


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