Everyone wishes to decorate their rooms with some kind of an aesthetic object or thing that would radiate cozy vibes. If you’re one among those people looking for an aesthetic object to refashion your room aesthetics with coziness- Alibaba has got you covered for custom snowglobes. Their custom snow globes are everything one could ever ask for. A snow globe is a decorative object which is mostly made  of transparent glass in the shape of a dome with water and sceneries which, when shaken, creates a snowstorm within it.

This article will be a briefing on various ways of snow globe application.

Custom Snow globes Application Ideas

Custom snow globes add a personal touch which makes them significantly different from the other globes because it allows for customization. Here are a few ways on how you can use these snow globes on different occasions.

1. Decorate Your Table

A mundane routine with your table filled with just pens and notebooks all over the place might put you in a weary mood. Here’s where you can add a touch of an extraordinarily wonderful decorative object. Snow globes can be a great addition to your table. It might not only serve as a decorative object but also can boost your mood while feeling drained due to work.

2. Use It As a Paper Weight

Using the snow globe on the corner of your table as a paper weight elevates it’s purpose by making it something more than a mere decorative object and something that is useful. Make sure you keep this in mind so the next time your papers are about to fly, you know exactly what you should do- Yes, Grab a snow globe and use it as a paper weight.

3. Put It In Your Shelf For Decoration

Gold medals, certificates, board games, files and books always find their place in one’s shelves. All these exists but none for decoration. Putting a snow globe in your shelf might make things look prettier when seen on a whole as an entire picture.

4. Gift It To Your Beloved Ones

Gifting a snow globe while confessing one’s feelings has always been considered as one of the most sweetest romantic gestures ever. But confessions are not the only occasion where you can gift someone a snow globe, you can gift them as a souvenir or on birthdays as well. But to be honest, it need not be a special occasion to surprise someone with a cute snow globe. So hurry up and grab a Custom snow globe from Alibaba and let your beloved know they are loved.

5. Imprint Names On Custom Snowglobes

What could sound more romantic and sentimental than imprinting one’s name on these custom snow globes. It not only feels like a personal possession when one gets their name imprinted on these snow globes but also adds a unique identity of its own. You can either get your name imprinted or the name of your beloved and gift them.


Alibaba’s custom snow globes are guaranteed to put one in a good mood, bring a smile to their faces, and make them feel nostalgic by reminding them of someone or something which might be a special memory they hold close to their heart. The variety of choices it offers is another factor to look out for. Grab your very own custom snow globe from Alibaba.


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