Most people believe that a person’s fashion depends not only on his or her hairstyle but also on her clothes. When you want to look beautiful or handsome, it is essential to determine your face shape. It is one of the factors you need to consider to ensure you find the right bundles with closure that can suit you. That is why it is challenging to buy wigs online because from the outside, everyone is different.

Before buying wigs, you need to understand that these wigs can transform your image. Depending on the type you choose to wear, you can have an on-trend or a younger look. On the same note, once you decide to wear a wig, self-confidence is the key. A wig can make you feel comfortable and boost your self-esteem. Therefore, let’s discover what kind of wig is suitable for a specific face shape.

Wigs for Oval Faces

Various face shapes suit different wigs. For instance, an oval face can suit a straight and short bob human hair wig. An oval face contains a narrow chin and around the hairline. The oval face is considered an ideal face because it does not have obvious features and it is symmetrical. Therefore, if you have this face shape, you are suitable for almost any type of wig.

Wig Style for Square Faces

Another face shape that is mostly considered when buying wigs is the square face. It is characterized by an angular and wide jaw. With this face shape, it is advisable to avoid going for straight styles that end at the jawline. But it is recommended that you find a wig that can increase the height at the top, narrow both sides, and elongate your symmetrical figure.

When you have a square face, you need to understand that softening your face is the key to making you look more beautiful. That is why you need to consider choosing a wavy or layered hairstyle to break the strong corners and edges of your face. Therefore, if you fall under this category, you need wigs with bangs. Also, ensure that the wigs you choose are longer to set off your face.

Wig Styles for Long Faces

It is crucial to note that long faces tend to have extended length, narrow width, and a pointed chin. With a long face, multiple wig options should be considered. In this case, a wig with a chin-length is a recommendable choice. When it comes to a hairstyle, you need to consider the length between the shoulder and the chin. Therefore, ensure you keep the style of a wig wavy. Also, people with curly hair should consider wavy wigs to help increase the volume and width.

Wig Style for Heart Faces

The hear face contains typical components that are a narrow chin, high cheekbones, and a wide forehead. It is an ideal shape that is suitable for short hair. Also, people with this face shape can consider going for beautiful wigs that include slender and long bangs hanging down the forehead. Individuals with this face shape should avoid hairstyles that are too high on the top of the head.


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