A device that uses high-pressure water along with the high speed for removing dust, stains, mold and dirty surfaces, is commonly known as pressure washer pump. It can also be used to clean the building-walls, traffic vehicles, and even roads.

Working Principle of Pressure Washer Pumps:

A pressure washer pump works on the principle that fluid flows faster in a narrow place compared to a wide place. It is a common observation that when water flows in a river, then it gets faster where it is narrow. So it has high pressure and high speed.

How does a Pressure Washer Pump work?

The pressure washer pump is not so complex but also not so simple device. Its construction is a little bit complex but working is easy to understand. It is driven either by an electric motor or by a gasoline engine. But most commonly, electric motor-driven pumps are used. Electricity is provided to the electric motor. Then this motor drives the pump which is connected to it. The pump creates suction and water flows in the pipe from the main water supply to the outlet. High pressure of water is caused by this reciprocating pump. There is a very narrow opening at the outlet of the exit pipe. Water squirts from that narrow hole and releases it with very high speed. These features of released water like high pressure and also high-velocity cause efficient and quick cleaning. In some pressure washer pumps, an additional pipe for detergent is also placed in their body. Then the mixture of detergent and water is sprayed on dirty surfaces, which makes cleaning more effective.

Different types of pressure washer pumps:

The most commonly used types of pressure washer pumps are three. Their brief description is given below.

Wobble type:

This is a commonly used type of pressure washer pump. It is because they are of low price and a layman can easily afford it. But this is a lightweight pressure washer pump and its quality is a little bit low when compared to other types. Therefore, its lifetime is also short than others.

Triplex pumps:

The most effective and long-lasting type of pressure washer pumps is a triplex pump. They have greater flexibility regarding PSI and gallons per minute. Their maintenance and repair are also easy. Their lifetime is also 10 to 20 times longer than other types.

Axial pumps:

These pumps are better than the wobble type but a step-down from the triplex type. It has an improved design compared to the wobble type. Residential mostly prefer these pumps. They normally have 2 to 3 times larger life span than the wobble pumps.

Why pressure jet gets things cleaner?

One main reason for the effective cleaning of the pressure pumps is the high velocity and good amount of pressure of squirting water. Another reason is the cleaning capability of the water itself. On the molecular scale, we know that water molecule is polar. One is positive and the other is negative. When it is sprayed on something to clean, then this polarity breaks the molecules of the dirt on which it is sprayed. Thus, it is very effective.


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