Troxus Mobility, the industry leader in providing stylish, cutting-edge, forward-thinking, and ecologically responsible electric vehicles, is ecstatic to announce the launch of its 26 “The step-over and step-through versions are available on the E-bike Explorer series.

In 2019, Troxus made its debut in the United States market with the introduction of its T1 range of electric scooters. Since that time, the company has been diligently working on expanding its presence in the sector of electric bikes as well as modernizing the existing models. The company is responsible for several wonderful products, including the gorgeous 26 “E-bike Explorer series, with the assistance of its highly skilled staff of electric vehicle designers and engineers.

Explorer Battery

The Explorer is ideally suited for riding long distances, and its large battery provides riders with a wider range of riding alternatives. The Explorer series is durable and portable because of its frame, constructed out of 6061 aluminum. A battery with a capacity of 48V/20Ah is supplied.

The battery is constructed with Samsung battery cells of the highest quality, each of which is equipped with a BMS chip. The charging and discharging processes of the battery are able to be correctly controlled, which allows for an extension of the battery’s useful life.

Explorer Smart Display

The bike also has an Explorer Smart Display that makes it simple for riders to view their metrics like Speed, Battery, Assistance level, and Trip Distance. The rider may quickly review the information on the backlit LCD display while keeping their eyes on the road.

Kenda Fat Tires

Rugged 26″ Kenda Fat Tires are on the Explorer bike from Troxus. A layer of aramid and ceramic particles is incorporated into the sidewalls and under the tread region of the Kenda tire liners. This substance creates a barrier that can effectively defend against shards of glass and other small objects. They did not only last a long time, but they also look fantastic!

The founder of Troxus described the company’s services as follows: “By utilizing our expertise and experience in the electric mobility business, we hope to combine the most recent scooter and bike technology with premium materials to provide really creative goods. Our ultimate objective is to deliver the ideal riding experience to all riders.

Strong 750-Watt Motor at the Rear Hub

The brushless internally geared hub motor can produce up to 80 NM of torque while maintaining a high motor efficiency level. The maximum speed can reach up to 26 miles per hour because of the highly responsive thumb throttle action, which allows you to climb confidently.

Battery Pack, Samsung, 48 Volt, 16 Amp, Removable

It can be removed and charged in any normal outlet, making it convenient to use at home or at work. The results of stringent testing demonstrate that the charging and discharging of batteries remain consistent even when subjected to harsh conditions.

Fork with Variable and Adjustable Suspension

The Vulcanus comes standard with an adjustable suspension fork with 80 millimeters of travel. The riders can either lock or unlock the suspension to have the optimal riding experience regardless of the terrain.


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