Oracle created Giraffe Tools in 2017 to make users’ lives easier with their efficient expertly-designed tools. They aim to reduce the stress of backbreaking work and hands-on jobs to ensure you have no challenges as you work or go about your daily activities.

Repairing cars, deep cleaning, tending your gardens, and several other burdensome tasks that mostly require heavy lifting and strenuous activities usually take more extended periods to accomplish. However, all the backbreaking work is done for you with Giraffe tools, particularly their pressure washers.

Giraffe Tools pressure washers ensure convenience and are one of the best cleaning tools available in the market. They help take care of your lawns, patios, garden, driveways, and even more demanding tasks such as industrial washing. The washers came readily assembled from the company, and they can be used in different ways. To know more about why you need Giraffe Tools pressure washers, read on till the end of the article.

5 Benefits of Giraffe Tools Pressure Washers


Giraffe Tools pressure washers are created so that they can withstand exposure to elements such as water, dust, dirt, wear, and tear. The tool is sturdily made of the aluminum-magnesium-zinc alloy without being too heavy to carry. There is also an advanced featured ceramic technology that prolongs the washer’s lifespan and enables easy care and maintenance.


There is a featured ‘total stop system’ in the washer that helps the pump’s efforts and protects it from damage. The system is designed so that when the trigger is not in use, the engine switches off the pump, hence protecting it from damage. Such damages are usually due to enormous force built up in the pressure washers. This prevents you from losing any body parts and saves you lots of energy.


Giraffe Tools pressure washers offer a 2-year warranty compared to other brands that provide a 1-year warranty on their products. Such brands may require you to pay more to get a warranty extension. But with Giraffe Tools, you enjoy a more extended period of trustworthy guarantee on your purchased goods.

Easy Installation

As afore-mentioned, the brand’s pressure washers come readily assembled from the company, so it is pretty easy for you to install in mere minutes. Since the hose reel is connected to the main washer’s body, you have to follow the simple instructions on the featured manual, and you are good to go.

Hose and Pressure Features

The pressure washer’s hose is pretty long, measuring up to 100 feet, allowing easy access to further tasks. On the other hand, the tool’s pressure is relatively high, producing up to 2200 PSI for 1.3 gallons of water per minute.


There are numerous pressure washers manufactured by different brands out there, which could be tempting to purchase if you do not know pressure washers well enough. However, Giraffe Tools pressure washers will not let you down even if you are a newbie or experienced in the art, as you can totally rely on them.


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